Everyone Can Now Get Access to Quora’s Native Advertising Solution

Advertise with QuoraIf you’re a social media marketer and you’re not familiar with Quora, it’s time to get up to speed.

Quora a highly addictive Q&A site that boasts a global audience of close to 200 million monthly users, and was featured previously as one of 56 vendors in The 2017 Social Media Native Advertising Landscape. Its user base is highly educated, too.

It’s known for the quality of its content and the insightfulness of its users. The community is relatively troll-free and is actively policed by its users. Users come to the site to ask questions and read reliable answers, which includes information about products, services, brands, competitors and industries.

Many of these queries and answers influence users during the consideration stage of their buyers’ journey.

And now, Quora has launched its own self-serve ad platform, which is available to all users. Quora first started testing ads last year, but only made the option available to select partners in beta. Now, anyone can give them a try – and they may well be worth consideration.

Reasons to Advertise With Quora


Quora gives four main reasons (see below) that brands should consider it for advertising. It should also be added that the variety of topics is immense, so targeting the right audience at the right time should be easy for marketers.

  1. A large, engaged audience
  2. Only quality content
  3. High user intent
  4. Measurable results

How it Works According to Quora


  1. Create your account – You need a Quora profile account to get access to the Quora Ads Manager and start running ads. If you don’t have an account, create one here.
  2. Create your ad copy and choose your audience – Choose a headline, description text, landing page URL and a call to action for your text ad. Target your ad by topic, platform or location.
  3. Set your budget and launch your campaign – Quora Ads runs off a CPC-based model that is powered by a real-time auction. Set your desired CPC bid and adjust the bid and budget at any time. Measure performance using our reporting.
  4. Only pay for results – Signing up for Quora ads is free. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You control how much you spend and you can adjust spend based on your needs.

The companies that used Quora’s Native Advertising during beta range in industries from ecommerce, law, HR, SaaS and parenting.

Anne Halsall,  the co-founder of Winnie, says that “the conversion rate was 4-5 times higher than what we saw on other platforms.”

Quora’s Native Advertising solution represents another arrow in the quiver for brands to reach their target audience where they’re at, and on their terms. Initial results look impressive. As a Quora user myself, I plan on using this new offering as soon as possible and you can bet I’ll be sharing the results here – stay tuned.


On – 28 May, 2017 By Chadpollitt

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