Understanding View-Through Conversions

Understanding View-Through Conversions: Are You Missing A Goldmine Of Data?

Understanding View-Through ConversionsIf you’re doing digital advertising and disregarding “view-through conversions” you’re making a big mistake.

For those of us who’ve been marketing online since the early Google (and Overture) days of PPC, it’s always been about last click attribution. That was our go-to metric and we lived and died by it.

Over the years, a lot of new technology has been developed, giving us access to massive amounts of data to better pinpoint micro and macro conversions along the customer journey.

We’re now using 3rd party sources such as Adbrain and Crosswise (now Oracle) to track conversions across devices, not just channels.

What I’ve often personally seen is that someone views an ad on mobile, and then converts later on desktop. Once we started monitoring this, I was surprised to see how frequently it occurred.

We live in a day and age where fewer and fewer people click on ads (we can thank retargeting a little for that). ?

I was recently talking with my friend and mentor Justin Brooke about view-through’s, and he asked me, “have you ever seen an ad, didn’t click on it, but searched for it instead?” For me, and most people, the answer was “yes, absolutely.”

This, my friends, is what a lot of people are doing.

It’s becoming a more common online behavior.

So, if you’re not tracking this metric, you’re missing information to better understand your audience.

For example, you wouldn’t be seeing all these “converting” websites where your audiences are congregating because they weren’t “last click.”

It’s like this… If you were looking at just a last click model, then you would never have known that people visiting thebestwebsiteintheworld.com (just an example) were actually delivering your company a solid CPA.

You would THINK it was just coming from Google search.

Bottom line is, if you’re not tracking this already, expand your data and realize last click attribution is just one part of the marketing puzzle.

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